We're all in this together
How to set up and run multi-family groups for children at risk of exclusion: The Marlborough Model

by Neil Dawson, Brenda McHugh and Serena Potter

Publication Date: May 2012
ISBN 1-903269-15-6

RRP: £19.99


There is considerable pressure today on parents of children at risk of exclusion to form a working partnership with school staff to help their children become emotionally healthier and better able to settle to learn. But teachers often find it extremely difficult to engage parents in the process, especially where the parent feels the school is somehow to blame.

The Marlborough Model, endorsed by the Department of Families, Children & Schools, is a revolutionary way of helping school staff enable parents to work with other parents to address their children's behavioural problems together, in a collaborative atmosphere of mutual respect and discovery. Relationships between individuals, families and organisations are central to a systemic understanding of children and young people's behaviour. If we are to understand how pupils behave in school, we need to take into account the roles they play in their relationships outside school as well.

This hands-on practical guide covers the principles and techniques of the Marlborough Method for creating mini supporting communities targeted at children in school who are presenting significant behavioural difficulties that their teachers identify as putting them at risk of exclusion. 'Graduate parents', who have experienced the programme themselves, can be brought in to engage other nervous, sceptical or anxious parents who would not readily respond positively to an approach soley from professionals. These parents use their own experiences of difficulties and accounts of positive changes that they have been made as compelling evidence of the effectiveness of the multi family approach.

The book provides detailed and accessible information on activities suitable for use in running multi-family groups, and how to deal with common challenges that emerge.

The Authors
Neil Dawson is a Consultant Systemic psychotherapist, psychologist and teacher. He co-founded the Marlborough Family Education Centre in 1980 and is now a consultant and trainer in the UK and Scandinavia. Brenda McHugh is a trained English and Drama teacher and worked in state secondary schools. She co-founded the MFEC with Neil Dawson. She is now a consultant and trainer throughout Europe. Serena Potter initially trained as a teacher and is now a systemic family therapist working at the MFEC.

A practical resource for teachers, educational psychologists, SENCO's, support staff, educational therapists, counsellors, CAMHs staff, governors, educational policy makers, and all involved in facilitating pupils' learning and well-being.

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